Silkwood Educational Philosophy

Affirming Every Student

Every student can learn , just not on the same day, or in the same way. - George Evans

 Silkwood’s educational program is uniquely student-centred and developmental.  ‘Student-centred’ means we judge successful teaching by the students’ engagement; ‘developmental’  means the child’s journey from the magic of early childhood to the argumentative world of adolescence is supported by carefully prepared learning experiences tailored to respond to specific age groups.  Silkwood’s pedagogy combines spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical dimensions of learning, offering a truly integrative approach. 







The heart of our point of difference:  The Silkwood Educational Experience replaces 'subject-centredness' with 'student-centredness' – and uses affirmed, engaged students as the hallmark of success.


At Silkwood, learning continuums are used to ensure each student’s individual academic needs are targeted, creating an inclusive and affirming experience for all.  A watchful eye by the teacher on student responses and engagement means a constantly evolving, responsive learning program can be maintained. The broad opportunities within the educational program ensure that each child's individual talents also have opportunity to shine. 



We sum up this entire position in the phrase:  ‘Silkwood is student-focused’.