School Management

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Silkwood School has an innovative management system that differs from the traditional model of Principal leadership. Known as the Distributed Leadership Model, our qualified team of educators, administrators, IT professionals and site crew  lead the school with the School’s Chief Executive Officer, who reports directly to the School Board.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the vision and strategic plan of the School. Working alongside the school managers, the CEO creates teams to address challenges, develops and improves policies, systems and progress the School with its strategic goals and vision.

For more information about Silkwood’s Distributed Leadership Model please download our Silkwood’s Distributed Leadership Model.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Valerie Campbell-Hogg
Member since 1998
Responsible for overseeing the Shared Decision-Making processes and encouraging ‘facilitated leadership’ by all school managers. The role is one of organiser, adviser, consensus builder, change manager and utiliser of ideas. They effectively act as an ‘internal consultant’, focussed on improving the school by creating opportunities for people to collaborate, helping the school team, families and students work more effectively together and keeping everyone focussed on the big picture.  The Facilitator is appointed by, and reports to, the School Board and works closely with the Board to achieve the strategic goals of the organisation.

School Principal

Terry O’Hanlon-Rose
Member since 2018
Responsible for leading the development and implementation of Silkwood’s Teaching and Learning Framework, The Silkwood Way. They develop and support a culture of partnership, collaboration, leading-edge thinking and lifelong learning in which all stakeholders within the Silkwood community contribute to the successful implementation of The Silkwood Way.

Administrative Leaders

Greg Gapp
Director of Business Operations and Development
Member since 2002
Responsible for the business development of the school.

Edél Uí Catháin
Finance Manager
Member since 2018
Responsible for the fiscal affairs of the School.

Belinda Tari
Marketing and Community Relations Leader
Member since 2019
Responsible for all marketing, events and front office including enrolment, sick bay, student records and efficient management of the School office.

Paulette Scaife
Personnel Manager
Member since 2012
Responsible for all employment matters, placement of staff, school timetables, and teacher and team training.

Nael Fattah
ICT Manager
Member since 2019
Responsible for overseeing all ICT policies, implementation and ICT strategic matters.

Greg Panting
Site and Facilities Manager
Member since 2019
Responsible for establishing and maintaining the School grounds, security, caretaking and cleaning, WPHS Officer, school furniture.

Learning Community Leaders

Trish Mark
Learning Enrichment Leader

Member since 2014
Responsible for overseeing the school processes for students who require additional support for learning and/or behaviour needs.  They administer the applications for learning support funding and co-ordinate the recommendations to outside agencies should professional support be needed to help a student.  They support teachers with their planning for students who need additional support and improving their teachers understanding of learning and behaviour strategies.  They are the school-based expert in matters relating to students who have high learning and behavioural needs and, as such, are seen as the authority in the school in this area.

Learning Community Leaders

Learning Community Leaders oversee the Teaching and Learning for a specific smaller Learning Community inside the larger school.  Learning Communities are generally made up of 2 or 3 Year levels.

These Leaders are responsible for creating a professional Learning Community with their teaching team focused on The Silkwood Way.  They bring teaching experience and expertise to the role and foster positive partnerships between students, families, and teachers by giving support and professional guidance where needed.

Lauren Weston
Early Childhood to Year 2 Learning Community Leader
Member since 2010

Andrea Borghero
Year 3-6 Learning Community Leader
Member since 2011 

Cara Shipp
Year 6-12 Learning Community Leader
Member since 2018