The Silkwood Way

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Silkwood has developed The Silkwood Way, an educational approach that places individual student learning plans at the centre and uses student interest, innovative learning styles, flexible timetables and the Australian Curriculum to intentionally enhance every child’s learning adventure.

The traditional educational model was born out of an era where intelligence was focused on knowledge and there was a need to grow an industrialised workforce; the world has changed and Silkwood is re-imagining education in a contemporary and innovative context.

The ‘Silkwood Way’ develops intelligence through knowledge, experience, creativity and thinking in ways that keep curiosity and imagination alert.

The Silkwood Way embraces the teaching of 21st century skills of design thinkers, innovators, change agents and entrepreneurs.

The Silkwood Way celebrates success when students are progressing, engaged and their spirit for learning is shining bright.

The Silkwood Way provides an alternative to traditional schooling and progresses young people through a developmental and student-centered approach to learning with a focus on ‘learning how to learn’.

What you can expect from The Silkwood Way:

  • Every student’s learning journey is enhanced through exploration, discovery, curiosity and creativity.
  • Progressive, innovative, and student focused learning.
  • Learning that extends beyond the accumulation of knowledge to develop intelligence through the processes of thinking, relating, feeling and doing.
  • Students empowered to learn in different ways, self-manage and choose content and context they value and connect with.
  • Boldness and a ‘can do’ attitude being encouraged.
  • A celebration of journeying and progress.

The Silkwood Way is a credible education choice for parents who seek an innovative learning environment that challenges traditional schooling to enhance student learning.

For more information about The Silkwood Way, please download the Silkwood School Manifesto.