Big Picture Project Learning

The personalised learning path of the Big Picture Program begins in Year 7 in response to the developmental change of this age group. This program is given increasing emphasis in the timetable as they move through the High School years or as identified by student need.

The Big Picture learning design empowers students to develop the knowledge, skills and character they will need to build successful careers and fulfilling lives in the 21st century.

With a philosophy grounded in educating one student at a time our Big Picture Learning program supports students to create a personalised learning plan based on their passions and interests that has a meaningful link to real life. It aspires to help the student become the best they can be by including goals for;

  • Empirical Reasoning;
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Numeracy);
  • Communication;
  • Social Reasoning;
  • Developing Personal Qualities.

Each student is assigned their own Learning Advisor to guide and support the student with the development and ongoing engagement of their Personalised Learning Plan. The Student and their Advisor meet weekly to;

  • discuss progress of their plan
  • find mentors to help
  • investigate and set-up internship opportunities at worksites
  • stay inspired and motivated
  • imagine possibilities for their learning
  • discuss the development of skills and habits to improve their success
  • find pathways to achieve their goals.

A student’s personal learning plan may incorporate:

  • working with mentors, businesses, or organisations from all over the world
  • instructional learning needed for university or tertiary pathways
  • internship work placement
  • developing and running their own businesses
  • apprenticeship opportunities
  • goals related to the development of skills and habits to improve their success
  • learning goals directly related to the Australian Curriculum to broaden knowledge and awareness

At the end of every semester each student prepares an exhibition for a group of select people where they showcase what they have been doing and what they have learnt. Australian Curriculum requirements are covered in their personal learning plan through either targeted learning opportunities or through a process of  backward mapping to their learning plan.

Where possible all plans include mentorship relationships and opportunities for students to leave the classroom to extend their learning. This gives the students the opportunity to build knowledge, understanding and skills in the context of authentic work and makes the learning process ‘real’.

Our Big Picture Program, helps our students:

  • work in a spirit of enquiry;
  • have meaningful purpose for studying specific subjects or learning new content;
  • pursue their passions and interests;
  • explore and get connected to a wide learning community (the world);
  • receive personalised learning and support;
  • explore learning that relates to real life;
  • develop skills and habits to improve their success
  • challenge themselves and engage in risk taking in a healthy way.

In short, our Big Picture Project learning is a rigorous and highly personalised approach to education that combines academic work with real-world learning.