High School – Big Picture Academy


Year 9 to 12 (Students aged 14 – 18).

empowering students to have the courage to invent their own future

Our Big Picture Academy is aimed at students in Years 9 to 12 (aged 14 – 18).

Having ‘survived’ the initial years of adolescence, students in these year levels are beginning to settle down. During this phase of adolescence:

  • their brains begin to function more effectively
  • they are able to develop coherent plans and focus on long term goals
  • they have the ability to ask more challenging questions about moral and ethical issues
  • they are more willing to take risks to try new experiences and skills
  • they have begun to develop a more balanced sense of self.

In response to this, Silkwood provides an engaging personalised learning program that seeks genuine dialogue to challenge students to raise their own questions, create their own ideas, seek solutions to real world challenges and explore their interests and passions.

To deliver this we use the Big Picture Education learning design and for this reason call our High School learning program our Big Picture Academy.

In the Big Picture Academy every student is assigned an Advisor. Each student’s Advisor works closely alongside them to guide and support them to:

  • develop a Personalised Learning Plan
  • progress their plan each week
  • find mentors to help
  • investigate and set-up internship opportunities at worksites
  • stay inspired and motivated
  • imagine possibilities for their learning
  • find pathways to achieve their goals.

A student’s personal learning plan may incorporate:

  • working with mentors, businesses, or organisations from all over the world
  • instructional learning needed for university or tertiary pathways
  • internship work placement
  • developing and running their own businesses
  • apprenticeship opportunities
  • specific skills and goals related to their personal and work development.
  • learning goals directly related to the Australian Curriculum to broaden knowledge and awareness

All students in the Big Picture Academy exhibit their projects twice a year. Australian Curriculum requirements are covered in their personal learning plan through either targeted learning opportunities or through a process of  backward mapping to their learning plan.

Silkwood is a credible education choice for parents who seek an innovative learning environment that challenges conventional schooling to enhance student learning.

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