Middle School

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Year 7 & 8 (Students aged 12 – 14).

inspiring students to explore, innovate and thrive

Our Middle School is aimed at students in Years 7 to 8 (aged 12 – 14).

These years require a different touch. It is a time of growth which has a profound impact on the cognitive, social and emotional life of the young teen. Silkwood responds by offering a challenging and creative education program, with a carefully planned timetable that:

  • offers greater individualisation through choice,
  • raises opportunity for academic challenge,
  • includes specially tailored camps and a personal development workshop,
  • provides opportunities for students to link with the wider community and learn outside the classroom,
  • increases opportunity for designing and self-managing their own learning,
  • encourages leadership opportunities through their interests.

Using integrated and experiential learning styles, carefully considered content is used to help students wrestle with ideas, grow their perception and understand the world around them. As they explore in this way they learn about themselves and how they relate to others and the world.

The Australian Curriculum content is covered through these pathways in such a way that also allows room for a student to engage in content of their personal choice.

Silkwood is a credible education choice for parents who seek an innovative learning environment that challenges conventional schooling to enhance student learning.

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