Junior Primary

Preparatory to Year 2 (Students aged 5 to 8)

inspiring students to explore, innovate and thrive

Junior Primary is our program for Preparatory (aged 5 to 6) to Year 2 students. (aged 7 to 8)

During their early stages of school children require a dynamic, multi-sensory environment in which to learn and grow. Their bodies and brains are developing quickly and require a lot of movement and activity for their healthy growth. For this reason our early years learning styles include:

  • structured and unstructured play
  • movement games
  • kinesthetic activities
  • active music
  • storytelling
  • singing
  • cooking
  • art and craft.

The learning program in the early years carefully balances these learning styles with a timetable that includes integrated, core academic and experiential learning programs with an emphasis placed on child-initiated, spontaneous and open-ended creative play experiences and artistic expression.

Our classrooms and play areas have been purpose-built to support the outcomes of our early childhood program – striking the perfect balance between capturing the wonder and enchantment of childhood with a learning environment.

Our stunning bushland setting and creative learning spaces inspire our students to explore, innovate and thrive in their learning adventure.