Playgroup and Preschool



The Silkwood School Playgroup Program provides an opportunity for young children, from 15 months to 4 years of age, and parents, to discover early childhood education in a nurturing environment that echoes the atmosphere of a Silkwood Prep classroom.

During the Playgroup Program children and parents engage in:

  • Home-like activities or simple crafts while children help or play nearby.
  • Play with simple natural toys and materials.
  • Creative play.
  • Circle and story time that reflect the world of nature and seasonal changes.
  • A rich learning experience through music and rhymes.
  • Stories that nourish the imagination and provide rich material for creative play.

We are proud of our Playgroup Program and the critical part it plays in supporting Silkwood families with young children. We encourage all parents to attend this group as a preparation for their children beginning Prep.

Preschool Playgroup

Silkwood offers a Preschool Program which is a special playgroup designed for preschoolers (4 to 5 years of age) to prepare them for the Silkwood Preparatory Program. Parents attend this program with their child, one session per week.

More information and a registration form for our playgroups can found in the Playgroup Information and Application Form.

Preschool Programs

The school is unable to offer a Preschool program on site due to council restrictions.  Smaller centres and home-based care are recommended for families looking for Preschool programs.