Silkwood Business Directory

Education is a partnership involving effective communication and support across all stakeholders in the Silkwood School community.

To this end, we offer parents the opportunity to publicise their business or place of employment in a special publication, the Silkwood Business Directory, that is included on this web page in the hope that Silkwood School families may choose to support other school families when doing business in the local region.

In 2019, money raised from advertising in the Business Directory directly supported Silkwood’s Scholarship Fund.

We encourage all Silkwood families to support the businesses of fellow Silkwood school families whenever they can. This development of community support amongst parents goes a long way towards strengthening the common bonds that our parents share through their children, and their association with Silkwood School.

Please click on the link below to download the current directory.

2019 Silkwood Business Directory

If you would like to feature in the next issue, please contact the School office by email