Distance Education School Fees

Distance Education Fee Structure

Silkwood School is a private, state government-funded, independent school accredited by the office of non-state schooling Queensland.

Our Distance Education Program attracts state government funding; however, it does not attract Commonwealth funding.

As a not-for-profit school, our enrolment fees are the difference between government funding and the costs associated with operating our program.

**As our program is funded by the Queensland State Government, Silkwood School only receives funding for students whose permanent home address is in Queensland. For this reason, the enrolment fees for interstate and international students are higher, as outlined in the table above.

School Fees Include:
  • Resources relative to The Silkwood Way Learning Program, i.e. Guidebooks, timetables etc.
  • Standard resource list for books, pencils, craft items etc.
  • Subscriptions to online resources outlined in our learning program.

School Fees DON'T Include:
  • Resources related specifically to a student's personal interest project or local experiential learning opportunities.
  • Costs associated with school camps and on-campus experiences (these are optional and will be charged as and when needed).

Personalised Learning Costs  

Annual School Fees cover our Essential and Exploring Learning Programs, which includes all courses required for attainment of QCE in Year 11-12 and the delivery of the Australian Curriculum requirements. Costs that arise in the development of a student’s personal project or personalised learning pathway that sit outside these programs are a family’s responsibility. 

These costs may include: 

  • a course or other activity provided by an external supplier;
  • an external exam or assessment that incurs additional costs;
  • specialised materials or resources;
  • transport to and from a mentor, training or learning opportunity.

The school does not make financial decisions arising from personal projects on behalf of families. The decisions and payment arrangements for these costs are left with the family.  

Paying Your School Fees

Newly enrolled families are required to pay their first terms fee upfront at the time of offer to secure their placement.

Families can then enter into a payment plan arrangement whereby fees are paid termly before the beginning of each term.

Please direct all school fee account enquires to: schoolfees@silkwood.qld.edu.au

Payment options Method
Option 1: One-Off Annual Payment
Pay The Total School Fee Account at the time of placement offer. Payment Options Are Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), BPAY Or Credit Card.
Option 2: Termly Payments
Set Up either an Edstart or EZIDEBIT Agreement By 14th Feb 2022 To Pay Your Fees In 4 Instalments paid termly before the beginning of each term.
NEW IN 2022 Edstart Pay & Edstart Extend
Silkwood School Has Partnered With A Specialist Provider Edstart, Making It Easier To Manage Your School Fee Payments. This New Payment Option Will Allow You To Flexibly Spread Your Fees Into Weekly, Fortnightly Or Monthly Repayments.
Having Difficulty Paying?

Please let us know if you are having difficulty paying, we are here to help.  

We have a range of Financial Assistance Bursaries available for our families who have been enrolled in Silkwood or 6 months and whose fees are overdue by less than three months.    

If you would like to access this help please email schoolfees@silkwood.qld.edu.au

Co-curricular Fees

Silkwood School provides a range of optional after-school and co-curricular activities for students, which are charged separately, in addition to our Annual School fees. 

The activities include:

  •  Senior and Intermediate Orchestra
  •  Vocal Ensemble
  •  Junior Choir (Year 1-3)
  •  Hummingbird Choir (Year 4-6)
  •  Woodwind Program
  •  Violin Hire

Our after school activities program provides a selection of paid and free optional activities which can include:

  •  Chess
  •  Piano & guitar lessons
  •  Running Club
  •  Code Club
  •  TFA Soccer Academy

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