Enrolment Commitment

Enrolling at Silkwood means a family is choosing The Silkwood Way and making a commitment to support their child to become a lifelong learner.  Lifelong learning is about curiosity, delight in discovering new ways, or digging deeper into understanding how ‘things’ work – whether it is about yourself, others and our world.  Silkwood firmly believes that a love of lifelong learning is the stepping stone to leading a fulfilling life and as such makes no compromises in going after this for our students.

Enrolling in Silkwood also means you are enrolling in an innovative and non-traditional school.  Because we have a different focus and outcomes than traditional schools, Silkwood does look and feel different than other schools.

The Silkwood Way offers a boutique learning environment that is uniquely focused on ‘learning’ as opposed to ‘teaching’ and offers student’s authentic learning opportunities as opposed to ‘subject’ delivery.

We offer:

  • A small uniquely designed learning campus that supports one-on-one personalised learning opportunities.
  • Small class sizes – called Advisories of 16 – 18 students.
  • A dedicated Learning Advisor for each student who works with families to develop a strong understanding of the student’s in their care.
  • Core, Foundational and Functional learning programs for curriculum content delivered through the most effective and efficient teaching approaches.
  • Personalised authentic learning pathways for each student.
  • Authentic learning with real world mentors and coaches.
  • A people and innovation focused environment.
  • A focus on student self-management.
  • A focus on student’s understanding and valuing their learning time.
  • A unique High School assessment process called a ‘Graduation Portfolio’ which supports pathways to university but more importantly focuses students on the development of their life-long learning skills, interests, dreams, business skills, personal development and community citizenship.

At Silkwood you will not find:

  • Traditional school facilities.
  • A program focused around Teachers and teaching.
  • Teachers delivering subjects or content in traditional ways.
  • High School specialist teachers delivering subject content.
  • Traditional subjects sitting on a timetable.
  • Timetables that move students around from teacher to teacher for subject delivery.
  • A timetable uniformly set-up to cover curriculum content for the purpose of supporting students to pass standardised assessment processes for university entrance.
  • Traditional school pathways to university.

To support The Silkwood Way, we ask parents to:

  • Provide a home life that supports the school’s philosophy of self-management.
  • Support your child on their self-management journey.
  • Engage in parent education about The Silkwood Way.
  • Participate in working with your child’s Advisor to design their learning plan;
  • Support their child’s/teen’s Learning Team with their requests.
  • Be respectful about school decisions;

We boldly state to students and families that Silkwood is not for everyone!

Students or families who want a teaching, curriculum focused, timetabled programs with standard school facilities should select another school – this is not The Silkwood Way.

Silkwood’s continual focus on innovation, and the research and development that comes from this, makes for a constantly changing and dynamic learning environment.  We acknowledge that being part of a community that works on this edge is challenging, and whilst we do our best to minimise the chaos that comes from innovating, it is not always possible to overcome.  This is part of who we are and what makes Silkwood so unique… so be prepared to accept that this is part of the course when you join The Silkwood Community.

Naturally, in any community, differences of perspectives do arise from time to time.  Respectful consideration of each other’s perspectives is sought at these times with a focus on resolution.  However, after consideration, the school will make the decisions they feel are best for the student’s needs and the organisation.  Sometimes, after these decisions are made, a family may decide they are unable to meet their enrolment commitment.  If this happens, the school is more than happy to waiver the term’s notice.  Finding the right educational environment for your child is important.

We know and respect that children are capable of leading their own learning, we value young people’s learning time, and we want families to join us who believe in what we do!