Camp and Personal Development Program

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Our Camp and Personal Development program is not an add-on to the Silkwood learning program, it is an opportunity created to develop character, build self-awareness and offer adventure and challenge. It is integral to our learning.

Using a framework of Sense of Self, Others and Place we have developed a unique camp and personal development program called ‘Expanding Your Horizons’. Here we build a journey of discovery that begins with connecting to our local environment and slowly expanding horizons to experience places of significance in our vast country.

Class camps begin in Year 2 and are carefully considered to ensure that the activities have enough challenge, relevance and enjoyment for students’ age.  The camp locations are also carefully selected not only for their significance to our country, but also to support the students’:

  • growing independence from home
  • connections to their classmates
  • self-awareness of their relationship to our country.

As students mature we introduce a more explicit personal/social development program which includes workshops, events and a range of guest presenters. This program centres on expanding each student’s awareness of themselves, giving them opportunities to:

  • see life through new perspectives
  • find inspiration
  • improving communication skills.