Entrepreneurial Education

Our Entrepreneurial Education program is an education in entrepreneurship – linking school-based learning to ‘life’. Project based learning is used to bring this program alive.

This program is driven by open-ended response and design. For example – in a Craft lesson, a teacher might tell a student what to make, while in an Entrepreneurial Education project, teachers will provide an opportunity – asking students to suggest what they will make or what they want to create.

The student is responsible for the outcome of their project, however greater value is given to the learning opportunity rather than the final completed product.

This program begins in the Prep years with simple interest projects and progresses into fully personalised Big Picture projects in the High School years.

The following projects are used to help students explore this learning style:

  • Make Initiative Projects: An exploration learning space that is set-up to give students the opportunity to solve science, technology and engineering problems through a ‘maker space’.
  • Community Projects: Projects that identify a problem in the world/local community that needs to be solved.
  • Tinkering Projects: A fun exploration space where students are given a range of materials to create with. Students are provided with different materials on each occasion, provided with some rules and parameters to follow and then asked to ‘Give it a go’ to see what they can make.
  • Passion/Interest Projects: Individual projects based around a student’s interest that give them an authentic opportunity to practice learning how to self-manage, use their learning skills and engage their curiosity through a project.

This unique program is another example of how Silkwood students are free to explore their creativity and ideas, inspiring children to explore, innovate and thrive in their learning adventure.

Students are able to draw on the expertise and experience of a range of mentors who regularly visit the School to share their passions and interests. Fostering links with the wider community is vitally important to Entrepreneurial Education projects.