Performing Arts

At Silkwood, we view the performing arts as an integral part of a young person’s development. We actively develop skills in these areas for students in their primary school years and use the performing arts to enhance our integrated and experiential learning programs wherever possible.

Our aim is to help students explore and develop:

  • their ability to express themselves and communicate in different ways
  • physical movement in ways other than sport
  • where their interests and talents might be ignited
  • the value of artistic endeavours as an authentic pathway for their future work.

Laying the foundation for this in the primary school years allows a student to extend on these skills as they move into personalising their learning pathway through their High School Big Picture project work.

Students will explore the following areas:

  • Dance (cultural and folk in the primary years of learning)
  • Circus and Physical theatre
  • School Musicals
  • School band and ensemble
  • Drama and Class Plays
  • Public Speaking
  • Choir
  • Poetry performances

Our Performing Arts program provides students with the opportunity to explore, innovate and thrive in their learning adventure.