Integrated Learning

Silkwood has developed The Silkwood Way, an educational approach that places individual student learning plans at the centre and uses student interest, innovative learning styles, flexible timetables and the Australian Curriculum to intentionally enhance every child’s learning adventure.

One of the unique features of our learning program is the way we introduce new content to students. Using learning approaches that include cross-curricular themed units of work, project and enquiry based learning we bring alive new learning concepts that support expanding student interests and engage the student in developmentally appropriate ways. We call this approach Integrated Learning.

Using a central theme, problem, process, or experience, the learning content is contextualised into learning blocks. These blocks can range between two to eight weeks in length and engage students for an extended time most days. Each learning block culminates in the completion of a student-led assessment piece that demonstrates an understanding of the concepts taught or engagement in the content.

Integrated Learning Units are designed to:

  • be cross curricula and interdisciplinary
  • engender enthusiasm for learning
  • be highly engaging and enjoyable
  • be a rigorous exploration of content
  • bring real world relevance to new concepts
  • develop the processes of ‘learning how to learn’
  • be differentiated to suit each student’s level
  • empower self-managed learning
  • be developmentally appropriate
  • include opportunities for movement, artistic, reflective, intellectual and idealistic components.

This learning program covers Australian Curriculum subject areas in a student-focused way. With this learning style we aim to keep the love of learning ignited by generating enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning!