Pastoral Care

At the heart of all pastoral care lies the relationship between the student and teacher. Our expectation is that every teacher at Silkwood is committed to supporting the young people in their care:

  • to progress their learning
  • to develop a growth mindset
  • to develop behaviour that will help them succeed in life.

Our small campus means that our team is able to get to know the students well. Our teachers are warm and friendly and welcome family involvement in their child’s education.

Our two-year teaching cycle creates smaller learning communities inside our wider school. These are designed to create a developmentally relevant sense of place for the year levels learning in them.

We view the relationship between the school and the families as one of partnership and work hard to maintain a professional, friendly and open approach to discussing student learning. An online parent portal provides a direct communication link between parents and teachers and allows parents to be able to see their child’s progress. We also involve families in school life through festivals, year level family connection events, student-led parent conferences and regular community engagement activities.

Supporting these relationships are the following systems:

  • a unique learning approach to behavioural management
  • the ‘Habits of Mind’ and ‘Leader in Me’ program
  • a unique Camp and Personal Development program.