Home Learning Term 2 2020 (COVID-19)


Silkwood’s home program follows the same framework as The Silkwood Way learning program.

It includes:

  • Advisory lessons, small group and one on one sessions delivered via ZOOM teleconferencing and online instructions
  • Advisor support via phone or email during school hours to help students with their work
  • Core English and Maths
  • Integrated Units
  • Personal Learning Time 
  • LOTE/Music
  • Discovery Time – Daily Advisory Check-in 
  • Experiential Options – Modified for home learning – students choose their own adventure 

It will be provided to any student who meets the following criteria:

  • Children of essential workers
  • Vulnerable children

Advisors will send families an outline of:

  • Scope of the learning program for the term including end goals and assessment (where it is appropriate to be managed from home)
  • Student’s 1:1, small group and whole class ‘ZOOM’ timeslots
  • Student’s weekly phone call schedule
  • Student’s daily email availability timeslot

The resources you will require for the home learning program and cyber safe information is provided in this handbook. Online resources needed will be provided to you daily through our e-learning hub