Silkwood and Religion

Silkwood School is a secular school, meaning we are not connected to any specific religious or spiritual faith. We do not oppose religion, instead we provide an open ground where different types of faith and philosophy can be discussed and explored, whether Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Secular Humanism, Judaism or Atheism. So, rather than provide one norm or dominant belief by which everything else is compared or which the school focuses on, we provide an equal playing ground: to play, believe, converse and think.

At Silkwood

  • We value the freedom of a young person to engage democratically with others who have very different worldviews from one’s own;
  • We value the idea that religious faiths and non-religious worldviews are “possibilities” that can co-exist within a community;
  • We value the freedom of people to be non-religious or religious;
  • We value inclusivity and equality;

In this secular environment we actively seek respect for others.

In line with this position, and using historical and cultural perspectives, Silkwood students learn about different religions, philosophies and worldviews.