Do Senior School Differently!

Join our dedicated Senior School campus in 2023!

Catering for students in Years 10 – 12, our senior campus provides the perfect platform for students to launch out into the real world. Exploring what their passions and interests look like as real-world work, our students have extraordinary outcomes as they work towards graduation. 

Our graduate portfolio framework ensures students are connected to and in charge of their own learning to build a future that inspires them to:

✅ Launch businesses;
✅ Apply for university entry much earlier than most through our graduation portfolio assessment process;
✅ Explore trade pathways;
✅ Undertake internships in work that interests them;
✅ Seek out mentors to build their support network;
✅ Engage in community projects connecting to the world around them;
✅ Mentor and support younger students to find their passion projects;
✅ And much, much more!

Supported by a dedicated Advisor (Qualified Teacher) for three years, students settle into their senior school years with ease as they map out their future, one that excites and inspires them! At Silkwood, each student and their individual learning plan sits at the centre of their learning journey, not subjects and test preparation. Students only engage in learning directly connected to their post-school plans, making the most of their final school years.

"My Graduate Portfolio shows my ability to explore, research and develop as a learner. It helps me pursue employment, vocational education or university pathways without the stress of exams! "
— Rory - Year 12 Student
It’s time to make a change and do senior school differently!

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