Staff and Student Hygiene

School Team Hygiene

Our school team is under strict instruction to wash hands and use sanitiser when leaving and entering an office, classroom, workspace or staffroom.

As well as this, every shared space has access to surface disinfectant spray, which meets the recommended requirements as set by Queensland Health. Our team has been instructed to use this frequently throughout the day on surfaces, door hands, high traffic areas and objects.

Student Hygiene

Students are required to follow the same instructions as our school team when entering shared spaces ie. classrooms, music rooms, school buses etc.

Hand Sanitiser is provided in every learning space and students will be instructed to use this when leaving and entering shared spaces. This is a non-negotiable requirement and is our commitment to our responsibility to ensure we reduce the risk for our students and school team. We are following government guidelines on how best to combat the spread of this virus and our hand sanitiser meets their requirements. 

The School Team will assist in reminding students about this practice.

The Learning Community Leaders will roll out an education program to run with our students which will cover.

  • What is the coronavirus
  • How we keep ourselves and others safe