Why Silkwood

Simply put, we value young people’s learning time, we value them as individuals, and we want to make a difference to their lives through offering a meaningful learning adventure that is relevant for the world they are growing into.

The traditional education model was born out of an era when intelligence was focused on content knowledge and the need to grow an industrialised workforce. Whilst we value knowledge, the world and the workplace has dramatically shifted. 

Success in the 21st-century will require design thinkers, innovators, change agents, and entrepreneurs – people who are able and empowered ­to adapt in a quickly changing world. We believe education must be changed to reflect this shift.

Traditional schooling supports a style of learning that is subject-centred, test-focused and standardised in its approach; it is not designed to lead this change. Young people need something different; they need a greater opportunity to:

The Silkwood Way gives each child a personalised way of learning – one that focuses on individualised, interest-based goals. 

It also provides real-world learning opportunities and useful 21st century knowledge and skills to keep their curiosity alert and their love of learning alive. One where they learn how to reflect, assess and set their own goals for improvement, empowering them to take charge of their own learning.

It is a change for the better – a transformative educational model that places the student (rather than a standardised curriculum) at the centre of decision making. This model is purposely designed to lead this change.


Because our goal is to see every Silkwood student go on to lead a meaningful life. 

This stands Silkwood apart from other schools. We are re-imagining education, reclaiming a love of learning for young people and preparing our students for a changing workforce and world. We are transforming how students and families engage with education. This is The Silkwood Way!

"Young people spend all this time at school and should be given the opportunity to explore and adventure with their learning in the real world. At Silkwood we encourage them to adventure with the world so that when they leave school they have a far greater sense of the possibilities available to them.”
— Valerie Campbell-Hogg, Silkwood Founder & CEO

Personalised learning starts here.

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