School Fees

Annual School Fees & Charges 2020

Annual Fees are per student and include learning materials & resources, incursions and excursions. See the button below for full details and a summary further down.

Year Level Annual Fee per Student
Prep - Year 2
Year 3 - 5
Year 6 - 12

*School fees are reviewed before the start of each school year. The above Fee Schedule only applies to the 2020 School Year. 

Annual Capital Levy - per Family

This is an annual fee, charged per family, to cover the ongoing costs to develop the school site.

Annual Levy Per year, per Family
Capital Levy
Sibling Discount

A sibling discount is applied to any younger sibling attending the school.

Discount Per child, per year
Sibling discount
School Camp Fees

Camp fees are adjusted yearly to reflect changes to costs from providers. For this reason, they are kept seperate to the Anuual School fees. School Camp fees are published separately in November every year and then included as part of the annual school fee invoice in January. Our Camp Program is not an add-on to the Silkwood learning program, it plays an integral part in our Discovery Learning Program. We offer no refund for non-participation in camps, except in cases where a family has applied for a medical exemption and it has been approved.

Personalised Learning Costs  

Annual School Fees cover our Core and Essential Learning Programs, which includes all courses required for attainment of QCE in Year 11-12 and the delivery of the Australian Curriculum requirements. Costs that arise in the development of a student’s personal project or personalised learning pathway that sit outside these programs are a family’s responsibility. 

These costs may include: 

  • a course or other activity provided by an external supplier;
  • an external exam or assessment that incurs additional costs;
  • specialised materials or resources;
  • transport to and from a mentor, training or learning opportunity.

The school does not make financial decisions arising from personal projects on behalf of families. The decisions and payment arrangements for these costs are left with the family.  

Co-curricular Fees

Silkwood School provides a range of optional after school and co-curricular activities for students, which are charged separately, in addition to our Annual School fees. 

The activities include:

  •  Senior and Intermediate Orchestra
  •  Vocal Ensemble
  •  Junior Choir (Year 1-3)
  •  Hummingbird Choir (Year 4-6)
  •  Woodwind Program
  •  Violin Hire

Our after school activities program provides a selection of paid and free optional activities which can include:

  •  Chess
  •  Piano & guitar lessons
  •  Running Club
  •  Code Club
  •  TFA Soccer Academy

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