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Silkwood School has partnered with Edstart to offer more flexible school fee payment options. Families can either pay the school upfront directly (annually) or weekly, fortnightly or monthly to align fee payments to their budget with Edstart Plus.


What are the benefits for families?

  • Options to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or termly by selecting the schedule that works for you;
  • Edstart will then pay your School fees on your behalf when they are due and activate your regular repayments as part of your plan.
  • The ability to choose a preferred day for when payments are made;
  • The option to spread your fees during the year over a full 12-month period instead of just 9 months;
  • The flexibility to adjust payments at any time;
  • There are no fees or charges for using Edstart Plus for your Silkwood School tuition fees and other education-related activities such as camps.


Families can set up their account at edstart.com.au/silkwood

As the 2023 School Fee Schedule has not yet been published, Edstart uses our 2022 fee schedule, including an indicative increase percentage as your 2023 fee amount. Edstart will update your actual school fee amount in January 2023 when invoices have been issued.
A soft credit check will be used to verify your identification but will not impact your credit score or eligibility to use Edstart. You can opt-out of this by providing a copy of your Driver's Licence (front and back).


Edstart knows its partner schools are often asked many questions about the Edstart payment system.

They have collated some of the most common questions below with some guidance on how to best answer these.

What are the costs of using Edstart Plus?
There are no fees or charges for using Edstart Plus for your school fees. Once your account has been set up, simply forward your school invoice to Edstart each term and they will organise payment to the school.

Is Edstart Plus a loan or credit?
Edstart Plus is a plan for your school fee expenses and your payment to Edstart is exactly what you would normally pay to the school. It is not classified as a loan or credit, and no enquiry or account is added to your credit file.

Is Edstart regulated by the Government?
Edstart holds a credit licence issued by ASIC and maintains full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Is the school receiving incentives to promote Edstart?
No. The school has engaged Edstart as a partner to provide families with as much flexibility with their school fees as possible. The school absorbs all transaction fees to make this possible.

When can I start setting up my Edstart Plus account?
You can set up your account prior to receiving your first fee invoice or at any point during the year. After submitting your details, the Edstart team will contact you to finalise the set up of your account.

What happens if I can’t make my repayments with Edstart?
Edstart understands that sometimes there will be occasions where you need some flexibility with your repayments. They will work with you if the need arises to help you get back on track. The school also works closely with Edstart so we can provide support in difficult times.

Can I reduce my repayments by extending my fees over a longer period?
If you wish to reduce your repayment amount you are able to apply for Edstart Extend, which is a separate product that allows you to spread your fees over a longer period (up to 5 years after your youngest child completes Year 12). Fees and interest charges apply.

Can I still talk to the school about my fees?
Of course, you’re welcome to speak to the school about your fees at any time.

Why is the school using Edstart?
The school has partnered with Edstart so we can provide as much flexibility to families as possible. If you’re unable to pay your fees upfront, you have a range of payment options available free of charge. This means we can focus on providing the educational and pastoral care objectives of our school.

If you have any queries or require assistance, contact Edstart on 1300 139 445 or email contact@edstart.com.au. Alternatively, you can contact our Finance Team by email schoolfees@silkwood.qld.edu.au or call 07 5655 0300 and select option 3 to speak with a member of our Team.

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