Student Learning Cycle

The Core, Essential and Personalised Learning Programs are integrated into the student’s Personal Learning Profile (PLP) through our Student Learning Cycle.  

The student and Advisor work together on this to develop a student’s PLP. The students follow the steps in the Student Learning Cycle which is modified by the Advisors to be age-appropriate for the students using them. 

A Student’s PLP
  1. Students set their Core and Essential Learning goals with their Advisor in start-up week (first week of term). 
  2. A PLP meeting is organised with the student, parent/carer, Advisor, and any relevant mentor, to discuss the core and essential goals and the personal learning project.
  3. The student takes the feedback from the meeting and finalises the plan with the support of their Advisor.
  4. They work on their plan during the term.
  5. They have progress meetings with their Advisor throughout the term.
  6. They prepare an exhibition to showcase the progress of their work (once a semester), with the support of their Advisor. They invite their parent/carers, mentors, Advisor, and any other guests they choose to the exhibition. They complete the exhibition.
  7. They reflect and assess their progress with their Advisor.

All parents at Silkwood are actively involved in the PLP meetings and attending the exhibitions. We ask parents to prioritise these times, to support the partnership between home and school.  

There are four learning cycles each school year that correspond with the school terms. 

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