Learning Enrichment (Learning Support)

At Silkwood, we recognise that some students may have higher learning needs than others. 

We focus on using our personalised approach to cater to these needs inside year level advisory classes. To support this process, each Advisor at Silkwood is assigned a specialist Learning Enrichment Advisor.

When an Advisor identifies a student who:
Is not progressing adequately;
  • Is displaying challenging behaviour that is holding them back from learning;
  • Is struggling with the advisory learning environment;
  • Needs more than what the Advisor can offer; 

The student is entered into the Learning Enrichment process, this provides the Advisor with immediate case management support from their Learning Enrichment Advisor and gives the student the support they need to continue their learning journey.

Multi-Age Advisory

In some cases, a student may need additional specialised support for their learning. In response to this we have designed our Multi-Age Advisories to specifically cater to these students. 

These advisories enhance their engagement & individual progress by delivering The Silkwood Way with additional support features such as:

  • Lower student to Teacher ratio (1:10), for students who require higher levels of support;
  • The Advisor (Teacher) has additional specialised training in tailoring learning to support students with specialised needs;
  • A quieter and calmer learning environment (fewer students and less noise);
  • Targeted support programs to cater to specific learning needs.
  • Students within this Advisory are from a range of year levels, hence the name ‘Multi-Age’. 
Silkwood launched it's first Multi-Age Advisory in 2019, and we can proudly say that in our Multi-Age Advisory all students are highly engaged and making great progress. 

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