Our Learning Continua

To support the achievement of The Silkwood Way Aims, we have taken the Australian Curriculum general capabilities, subject areas and 21st-century educational goals and developed our own unique style of curriculum, which we call our Learning Continua.

These differ from traditional curriculums as they are not structured according to year levels. Rather, they set out the pathway of learning that each student progresses along at their individual pace to achieve the Silkwood Aims. 

Our Learning Continua:

  • 21st-century communication – foundational English through to advanced communication;
  • 21st-century numeracy – foundational math skills through to business and life finances;
  • Personal and social development;
  • Ethical and intercultural awareness;
  • Entrepreneurial and creative thinking;
  • Critical thinking;
  • The Arts.

An individual learning continua matrix is built into each student’s learning plan. This matrix allows:

  1. The student to set their goals and plot their progress;
  2. Advisors and parents/carers to know where a student is on their learning journey and where they are heading;
  3. Teaching and learning to be targeted to individual student needs.

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