Our Aims

When developing The Silkwood Way design, we asked our students, teachers and parents:
"What do we want our young people to achieve after 13 years journeying at Silkwood?’

Their answers helped us to develop the Silkwood Aims:

  • Use creative, innovative, and critical thinking to make a difference;
  • Use their passions, talents and skills to create a future that excites them and contributes positively to our world;
  • See the adventure, opportunity, connections, and possibilities in life;
  • Act with respect towards themselves, others and our world;
  • Create their own financial independence in win/win ways;
  • Turn dreams and ideas into reality;
  • Accept life’s challenges with a resilient and flexible attitude;
  • Create a happy and healthy life balance;
  • Communicate with empathy, openness and integrity;
  • Embrace fun and live with curiosity.  

The Silkwood Way model has been designed to achieve these ten 21st Century Aims, to allow us to deliver the unique purpose for The Silkwood Way to our community.

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