Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a secure site where parents go to find current information about their child.

The Parent Portal provides access to:
• Term Overview
• Fortnightly Class news (brief summary of classroom learning and upcoming events)
• Excursion information and notifications
• Teacher to parent communication.
• Teacher to class communication.
• Access to contact teachers and staff.

The following information is also available on the Parent Portal:
• The School and Class calendar.
• Parent/Guardian contact details.
• Student medical information and emergency contacts.
• Student timetable.
• Access to student records that relate to your family.
• School Fee billing and receipts.
• Student Reports.

Every School Team member has an email address. Families can send emails to any Team member via the school Portal. Team members respond to these within 48 hours and during work hours only. If it is an emergency, please phone the school.

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