Personal Learning Profile

At the very centre of The Silkwood Way lies the Student Personal Learning Profile (PLP) which is developed through our Student Learning Cycle.

The Student Personal Learning Profile (PLP) plays a key role to inform planning, drive progress, and enable student’s self-management and ownership over their learning.
These profiles ensure that young people are developing the necessary skills and attitudes needed to achieve our aims, and they are authentically connected to the student’s interests.

Each student’s PLP is developed and progressed using a partnership approach with the student, their parents, and their Advisor. As a student moves through their Silkwood learning journey, their ability to self-manage and develop their own PLP grows, and the learning process becomes increasingly more student-led in response to this. However, no matter where the student is on their self-management journey, they are always central to the process of developing their PLP.  

The PLP includes the following:
  • A Learning Profile – which includes a student’s interests, strengths and challenges, what works for their learning and what doesn’t;
  • A Student’s Learning Plan – outlining their current goals for their Core, Essential and Personalised Learning Programs, and how they are going to achieve these;
  • Goals for the Habits of Mind – they set goals to improve their learning habits and these are drawn from our Learning and How to Learn program;
  • A Progress Dashboard – this is an Assessment Dashboard where a student tracks their progress on continua; 
  • Reflection and Feedback – sections where the student, parent and Advisor contribute;
  • Attendance and behaviour records;
  • A Learning Portfolio – with artefacts and assessment from their Learning Program.

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