Mentor Program

Silkwood School offers a unique learning environment where every student has a personalised learning plan with the opportunity to complete explorations and projects connected to their interests and passions. We are always looking for mentors to support our students with these endeavours. 

As a mentor, you can provide guidance and share knowledge in various ways to positively impact a young person on their learning journey. 

From delivering talks about your career, innovations and life journey, offering workplace experience, advice on project work or an academic critique of a student's Senior Thesis Project, being a mentor is a rewarding way to connect with emerging learners and help them achieve their education goals. 

Mentoring Snapshot

What is a mentor? A mentor is someone experienced, passionate and skilled in areas linked to a mentee's interest and lines of inquiry. They can impart knowledge, skills, ideas, feedback, and critique to help mentees progress and achieve their learning goals.

What is a mentee? A mentee is someone keen to learn from a person in the field who has experience, passion, and skills in an interest area they're exploring. They can learn in different ways, take on feedback and ideas effectively, and be confident engaging with someone able to help them progress their learning goals.

Mentoring relationship skills: listening, observing, questioning, demonstrating, showing mutual respect, sharing ideas, using effective communication, being organised, setting and reflecting on learning goals, using creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership development, working in partnership, linking to community, showing gratitude. These are the skills we see as invaluable to the relationship dynamic between a mentor and mentee. 

All Ages Mentoring

Below is an outline of how interest exploration and project work develop across a student's schooling years and the potential roles mentors can offer at each stage. It is a general guide that can be adapted based on the student and mentor's individual needs. 

Primary Years: Prep to Year 5

Short activities and one-off experiences that engage students with a range of topics and ideas. 

Mentor Role: run classroom activities (e.g. 30-minute drawing class), provide 1:1 advice to students about their personal interest project work.

Middle School: Years 6 to 8

Students typically spend one to two hours per week on personal interest projects, excursions, guest speakers, and work units covering a range of topics.

Mentor Role: deliver talks about their career, innovation and life journey, provide 1:1 advice to students about their personal interest project work.

High School: Years 9 to 12

Students increase the time spent on their personal interest projects, workplace internships and when in Year 12, their Senior Thesis Project. 

Mentor Role: offer workplace experience, provide 1:1 advice to students about their personal interest project work, conduct an academic critique of a student's Senior Thesis Project. 

Silkwood provides insurance for workplace visits. In some cases, you may require a blue card for working with young people; however, for one-off and periodic guest appearances or working with students in staff and parents' presence, blue cards are not required.

What Our Mentors Say

Mentoring is a rewarding experience that can positively impact the student, the organisation, its employees, and the wider community.

I have really enjoyed coming and speaking with Joshua. I think we have found the interactions mutually beneficial. He's a lovely guy with so much passion and purpose.
— Julia Schafer, Lighter Footprints
Amaya was the first high school student I have ever given a chance to, so I’m really pleased it worked out well for all of us!
— Natalie Driscoll, Blank Magazine
Mia was eager to assist the team with a variety of tasks relating to the various facets of our business and relevant to her studies, with a particular focus on improving and expanding our company’s marketing strategy.
— Dionne Coburn, Natura Pacific​

Become a Mentor

If you are interested in becoming a mentor at Silkwood School, please complete the enquiry form via the button below and our Real-World Learning Coordinator will get in touch. 

Real-World Learning Coordinator

Silkwood has a dedicated Real-World Learning Coordinator who helps students make connections by developing and maintaining a database of available mentors, exploring opportunities for new mentors, and helping students develop the skills they need to find their own mentors. 

They also oversee the important paperwork needed to ensure our students are kept safe, and the school's compliance measures are being met by mentors.   

To discuss mentoring in further detail, please contact Tai Hood via email

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