Tuck Shop

Our Tuckshop team is committed to providing wholesome lunches and snacks in line with the Silkwood School nutrition policy. 

High-quality and home-made foods are available for purchase and served in paper bags or BioPak plant-derived, compostable containers. 

How to place an order:

Step 1: Write your child's first and last name, class, menu items on a paper bag, with the price, order total and amount of cash in the bag.

Step 2: Put money inside the paper bag, or write 'on account' if paying using your account balance.

Step 3: Place the bag in the basket outside your child's classroom.

Please Note: Orders must be in before 8.30 am each morning.

Please Note: Always separate money in siblings' Tuckshop bags.

Please Note: If you are providing additional money that is to be added to your account, please write 'account money included' and the amount that is in the bag.

To set up and maintain a Tuckshop account, we need the following please:

A Tuckshop bag delivered directly to Jo at the Tuckshop window, including family name, parent phone number, child/ren's names and class, and a $50 deposit. There is a $5 per term account keeping fee. Please always keep your account in credit.

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