Our Community

One of the many strengths of Silkwood School is our vibrant community. We foster a genuine partnership between home, school and other support networks. Our students, school team and parents work together in a caring and inclusive environment.

Vital to this sense of community is our acknowledgement and celebration of diversity. Learning the value of belonging to a community and accepting the rights and responsibilities that come with this is part of our learning program.

We have many groups that work alongside the school team who play an active role in the support and growth of The Silkwood Way.

Our Real World Learning Program

We actively encourage our students to work with mentors and in internships to enhance their Learning Programs wherever possible. This support provides a connection to experts and inspiration outside of the classroom environment and is a valued part of The Silkwood Way.

Silkwood Community Care Association (SCCA)

Silkwood is home to an established non-profit P&F group called the SCCA. The group has an executive committee who meet twice each term. They welcome new members.

Involvement with the SCCA ensures our continued growth and success and provides meaningful opportunities for parents to become involved in their child’s education.

Class Carers

In the Primary School, each year level has an assigned parent carer to help and support the teacher and class community with communication, delegation of tasks and organisation of class and school events.

Our Families

Our parents have helped pioneer and develop our Vision and Aims. We appreciate the generous participation of families who volunteer their time and assist us to deliver an outstanding learning adventure for all Silkwood students.

We are proud of the way our entire school community embraces and supports The Silkwood Way.

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