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In support of our Silkwood community, we are dedicated to creating lasting connections to allow our families, students, ALUMNI, staff, and invited community members to support those who operate businesses. 

Our Silkwood Community Care Association (P&F) has created an online Business Directory to provide a network of businesses and services owned and operated by members of our school community.

The Business Directory is visible as a module link in the Silkwood School App, which ensures access to businesses and services right in the palm of your hand!

Introductory Offer

The SCCA is offering FREE OF CHARGE listings for all businesses and services that list in 2023! This offer applies to Silkwood families, students, alumni, staff, mentors and suppliers. Donations are always welcome and can be made through the Qkr! app.

Listing Renewals

Listing renewals will occur in January of each year. An annual listing fee of $50 will apply as a donation to our SCCA (P&F Committee, to put back into the school).

Listings for students, alumni, staff, mentors and suppliers will remain free of charge.

To list your business or service, please submit details below and tell us about the services you provide. 


*If you cannot find a suitable business listing category above, please email us at reception@silkwood.qld.edu.au, and we will add one for you.

To submit a donation to the SCCA Committee, please click the button below:

Follow this link for instructions on how to donate.

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